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One On One Instruction

Spinning: In the belief that individual instruction is the best way for the novice spinner to learn, introductory lessons are one on one. The sessions (a minimum of four) are designed to teach the basic operations of making yarn from fiber. They are taught using the drop spindle first and then a spinning wheel. The learning spinner is taken through to plying, setting the twist (blocking) and making a skein using a niddy noddy. The Fiber Kingdom provides a loaner wheel and the roving (a medium longwool roving).. The time is arranged at mutual convenience.
Additional instruction can be arranged to learn how to spin different fibers (cotton, silk, etc.), produce novelty yarns, use the Great Wheel and Charka, etc.. Personalized study plans (single or multiple session) can be tailored to your desires.

Weaving: Introductory weaving instruction is again individual. Using a pre-warped table loom, the novice weaver is coached in the techniques essential to producing a woven textile and introduced to the basic vocabulary of weaving. Manipulation of the threading pattern familiarizes the weaver with the variety of patterns which can be produced using just one warp sequence. The wool yarns and loan of the table loom (can be taken home between lessons) are part of the first set of lessons. Sessions are arranged at mutual convenience.
If the now-not-so-novice weaver wants to continue, he/she is urged to come up with a project. The weaver is led through the design process, selects the fibers with guidance, learns the warping procedure, weaves the project and executes the finishing touches.
Personalized instruction can be developed to study different weave structures and techniques (eg. Summer and winter, tapestry) or to accomplish a particularly complex project. In these situations, the floor looms in the shop/studio can be made available.

Sylvia Graham, proprietor